While we can all be encouraged by the positive movement in lending and real estate values, it can sometimes be uncomfortable for sellers to put a property on the market. I have confidence in our regional real estate landscape and guide my clients in overcoming any hesitancy to sell. While things are looking up and good opportunities are available in the market, I also understand that I am managing my clients' largest asset. It’s a responsibility I take very seriously. I feel for my sellers and work hard for them to gain the most from their home or property sale.

I will also guide my clients in the best ways to improve their homes and properties in order to get the best value at the time of sale. It is amazing what replacing a window, changing a 1970s brassy light fixture, or painting a room can do to facilitate a sale.

Electricians, painters, landscapers and carpenters are at my disposal (who I also use personally) and can assist in getting your home in “sale shape” much quicker than trying to do it yourself.

I have great relationships with other realtors and work closely with them to complete the purchase. Tax issues, the closing schedule, financing… all of these issues are addressed as part of the sale.

I personally show all the properties and manage all client contact and meetings. When you list with me, you work with ME. Whitney is my full-time assistant. She handles office paperwork, advertising, website information and keeps all the listing information current.

When I help sell your house or property, you can be sure that I will only show it to qualified buyers who I think will really love it. My niche in real estate serves discerning buyers who know what they want. Whether the price range is mid-level or higher, I have the expertise to close the deal. It is amazing the difference the right Realtor can make for a sale. I take care of all the details and make sure that the right people see your home or property. Then I work with both of you to make the most advantageous sale.

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Whether your looking to sell your home or land, Suzy can help you gain the most from your home or property sale. If you are ready to sell your property or wish to request more information please click here to email Suzy.